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In its activities, the Laboratory of NC, uses the following types of non-destructive and destructive testing: 

  • VT - visual and measuring control;
  • UT - Ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement;
  • RT - radiation control methods (radiography, gammagraphy)
  • PT - control penetrant ("color" method of control);
  • MT - magnetic particle inspection;
  • Determination of hardness of metals and welded joints;
  • Mechanical testing of metals;
  • PMI positive material identification

These methods allow to produce highly efficient monitoring and diagnosis of critical metal, processing, pipelines, storage tanks of various capacities, vessels working under pressure.

In addition, the Laboratory produces strength calculations and determination of residual service life of the above equipment with the necessary documentation.

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced devices in the areas of diagnostics: 

  • Gammografirovanie - gamma flaw "Gammaridae-192" isotope Iridium;
  • An x-ray - X-ray machines Pamirs-300;
  • Ultrasonic testing and EMA-tolschinmetriya - ultrasonic flaw detectors scanners UD-4TM "Tomographic";
  • Visual and measuring control - sets KVK-2;
  • Ultrasonic Measurement - Ultrasonic thickness gauges "ACE-2" «Panametrics-26MG»;
  • Magnetic particle inspection - complete sets of firms MAGNAFLUX;
  • Sets penetrant for the "color" (capillary) inspection;
  • Determination of hardness - dynamic hardness TDM-2 and TKM-359M;
  • PMI positive material identification - Olympus Delta Element - handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer;
  • Mechanical testing - breaking machine RM-50. 

All staff received specialized training laboratories and have the appropriate certificates according to the methods of control.

NDT Mobile Laboratory based on the chassis of KAMAZ vehicles.

«VBM ENGINEERING» NDT Laboratory has fully self-contained Mobile Laboratory on the chassis of KAMAZ. This Lab allows you to effectively and quickly conduct laboratory research in field conditions. All equipment intended for research on quality control of welded joints and metal, technical diagnostics of pipelines, process equipment and lifting devices are located in self-contained mobile laboratories that allows in the shortest possible time and with high quality to solve tasks before NDT Laboratory.