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About VBM Engineering

Our company, whose main activity is the provision of engineering services and technical supervision, the leading of the few companies in this field, with its advanced technology, having international experience and highly qualified specialists in all types of activities in the construction and manufacturing industry.

For providing a full range of services in the construction and industrial industry, in 2012, we have developed a NDT Laboratory.

For such a little amount of time, our NDT Laboratory was able to establish itself on the positive side, and currently holds a leading position in the field of quality control of welded joints and metal.


1. License to conduct field work and the higher risk and potentially hazardous industries.

Licensing authority: Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Registration number: АН № 0153 от 26.09.2014.

2. License to carry out activity in the field of use, storage and transportation of sources of ionizing radiation.

Licensing authority: Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Registration number: № 001378 от 02.07.2014.

3. Permission to perform work on non-destructive testing (radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection, thickness measurement, capillary method and measurements of hardness) at hazardous production facilities.


Registration number: 03/16-0854-БГ от 24.07.2014.

4. Accreditation certificate of the NDT Laboratory (according to standard O'z DSt ISO/IEC 17025:2007) for technical competence.

Licensing authority: “UZSTANDART” agency

Registration number:  №  UZ.AMT.07.MAI.841 от 24.09.2012.

5. Certificate of membership in the Uzbekistan NDT society.

Society: UzNDT society

Registration number: №  05-2012 от 23.07.2012